"Home is where the waves CRASH”. Inspired by the Ocean AQUARELLE is a 27SQM Urban Contemporary Living room space designed and fully fitted out with custom made furniture pieces and styling elements by Maison Consulting.


  • For the CABIPA Office Remodel Project, the goal was to create a space that sparks joy & encourages productivity. And Of course, we put our spin on COLOR Therapy for Project CABIPA with an amazing selection of primary & secondary colored glass decals, ART, furniture and styling pieces.


  • Project BLOOM can be considered a literal representation of from zero to hero. This project was a complete tear down RENOVATION of a 125SQM Fashion retail Store.


  • The NOOK with the MOST. Color therapy, layered lighting, bold accents and some sprinkle of the MAISON Magic dust. This Bedroom is a fine blend of Bold, plain and pattern textures.



    The design concept sought to merge two key elements- clean lines and vibrant colours. This would be the basis of a space that showcased modern and contemporary design. This synergy comes to life in the material selection and combinations of soft furnishings with hardwood as well metal works.


  • Home is not a place it’s a FEELING. And Of course the right ambience is everything…For the LOVE of Design, we created this clean, muted toned palette for Project AKP the ”NUDE Rendezvous”, with a POP of Tan Brown furniture and gold accents . We introduced our Color Pop with the Arm Chair and coffee table.



    we Create innovative design solutions just for you

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    HELLOooooo THERE… Welcome to MAISON CONSULTING . We are a Leading Architectural Interior Design & finishes company based in Lagos Nigeria. Officially Established in 2018. Our mission is to CREATE the most exceptionally DESIGNED spaces that enhance our clients lifestyle and are reflective of their personality and style.


    HOW WE GET RESULTS for our clients

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    thinking outside the box

    Ideas + concept

    Our process begins with our clients. As our design concept is built on developing on each clients unique brief, by creatively infusing innovative design solutions.

    Design & Create

    At the design stage all elements of the design are properly detailed to the required standard of material specification. Because Ofcourse “Attention to details” defines our brand.

    Build & Install

    To ensure we deliver value always, we work closely with professional contractors & sub-contractors to deliver various elements and components of the project scope.

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    “A designer knows he has achieved perfection, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”

    Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

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